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Fireplace safety tips to start the season in Belleville IL

fireplace safety tips in belleville il

Stay safe while you stay warm by the fire with these fireplace safety tips

important fireplace safety tips in belleville il include burning real wood

It’s October in the Belleville, Illinois area, meaning that if it hasn’t started to get cold already, it will very soon. With that in mind, people all over the place will be eager to spark up the fireplace for a cozy home throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. However, due to their popularity, many people don’t realize the safety hazard that a fireplace is. Think about it – it’s a live fire, burning inside of a home – you do the math there. Unfortunately, fires can be the cause of burns, disfigurement and even death. With that in mind, adhere to these fireplace safety tips to ensure a safe and warm Fall and Winter season!

Burn Dry Wood

First, dry wood is much easier to burn. Whether you choose dense wood or less dense wood, dry wood will burn easier and for longer, meaning you’ll need less wood to keep the fire going. Additionally, wet logs may actually explode in your fireplace. Wet logs have water that’s trapped inside of them. When they’re put into a fire, that water begins to turn into steam; if there’s not a place for that steam to escape, the wood could explode.

Only Burn Firewood

That is, only burn wood from the forest or that has been sold as firewood. Burning lumber, wooden crates, and other wooden products are bad because those items are covered with chemicals that help preserve the wood. When burned, those chemicals are released into the air and breathed in by the people around them.

a chimney cap is a great fireplace safety tip in belleville il

Install a Chimney Cap

In the winter, small woodland creatures may be attracted to the warmth that rises out of your chimney, causing them to explore and climb down into your fireplace and home. A chimney cap makes this impossible, keeping you and the little animals safe while you warm your home during the cold months.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors & Smoke Detectors

You’re burning stuff in the house; we shouldn’t have to explain why this needs to be done. Additionally, it’s breaking quite a few codes to have a residential structure without these detectors in them. They’re life-saving devices that you’ll be thankful for if you actually do fall asleep by a fire and it gets out of control.

Schedule Regular Cleanings & Maintenance

This is important due to the buildup of creosote. Creosote is the chemical byproduct of burning wood that builds up in the chimney. This has to be cleaned out on a regular basis as it can ignite and cause a fire.

Add Wood Slowly

Building the fire and adding wood slowly will keep it from getting out of control. Additionally, building a fire in this manner will allow you to easily control the temperature, being able to add wood when you want to raise the temperature and let it burn down if it gets too hot.

Educate Your Family

The best fireplace safety tips you can follow is to educate your family and make sure that everyone in the home understands how to use the fireplace and diffuse fireplace problems. For questions or concerns relating to your fireplace in Belleville, Illinois, contact your local chimney experts, Clean Sweep Chimney Service, Inc.