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Common Causes of Chimney Odors in Highland, IL

Highland, IL chimney odor causes

Chimneys provide warmth and cozy feeling for homeowners in Highland, IL. One thing that many homeowners could never expect, however, is their chimney giving off a foul odor in their homes. Chimney odors can be a common occurrence and there are several different reasons why it can happen. Here we want to go into detail […]

Why Your Chimney Needs To Be Waterproof in Edwardsville, IL

waterproof chimney Edwardsville, IL

From time to time, Edwardsville, IL will have rainstorms come in. Homeowners may not be aware of this but if their chimneys are not waterproofed, your roof and stack can experience a significant amount of water damage. Repairing water damage like that can take time and be expensive. If we have not convinced you to […]

Picking The Right Chimney Cap Material For Your Belleville, IL Home

chimney caps in Belleville, IL

One of the most important parts of the chimney of your Belleville, IL home is the chimney cap. It is the seal that weatherproofs your chimney, and it also prevents debris and animals from getting inside your chimney. The chimney cap can be made of several different materials, all with their own pros and cons. […]

The Causes of Efflorescence on Your Collinsville, IL Chimney

Chimney Sweep

With fall here, it is likely that you will be using your chimney more often. You may notice the bricks on your chimney have been turning white lately. This whiting effect on the bricks is called “efflorescence”. The presence of efflorescence on your Collinsville, IL chimney can be a sign of large issues when there […]

What is the Best Material for Your Collinsville, IL Home’s Chimney Cap?

Chimney Sweep

Every Collinsville, IL homeowner with a chimney needs to have a chimney cap. Chimney caps come in an assortment of colors, materials, and styles, which can lead to confusion as to which cap is the best for your chimney. We are here to share which type of chimney cover is best for your home’s chimney. […]

The Effectiveness and Safety of Creosote Sweeping Logs in Collinsville, IL

Chimney Sweep

We commonly get questions from our customers who wonder if creosote sweeping logs are safe to burn and if they work effectively enough to replace the need for being swept by a professional. Here is what you need to know about these cleaning logs before you burn them in your Collinsville, IL home. Creosote Sweeping […]

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Chimney During the Warmer Months


During this cooler time of the year, the best thing to do if you have a cozy fireplace is cranking it up. This helps you enjoy the nice warm feeling and gives you a peace of mind. If this is working properly, you know that your chimney is working in great shape. During this time […]

Common Chimney Problems in Historic Homes in Collinsville, IL

chimney liner

Older homes in the Collinsville, IL area reflect the charm and architecture from years past. This gives them a tremendous amount of appeal, however, there can be some downsides to these types of homes. Having an older chimney can create some problems including not having a chimney liner. If you want to learn about some […]