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Why you should avoid creosote buildup

It’s January in Collinsville, IL. Just like the rest of the Midwest, we’re experiencing cold weather that can chill us even when we’re inside. While it’s cold outside, your fireplace could provide the refuge you need to stay warm throughout the winter months. However, it’s important to understand how to use and maintain your fireplace to avoid problems such as smoke inhalation, poor ventilation, and more. One such problem to worry about is the buildup of creosote in the chimney – here’s why it’s bad and how you can avoid it!

What is creosote?

creosote buildup collinsville il

When we burn wood in the fireplace, the smoke contains an oil called ‘creosote’ that sticks to the inside of the fireplace and the chimney flue. If your chimney flue is lined with the substance, you could be opening your home up to serious hazards. Additionally, there are three stages of buildup, and the hazards are more severe as the stages increase. Here’s some quick info about each stage:

How to prevent creosote

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With the dangers of creosote buildup apparent, it’s important to prevent this buildup to ensure a safer place to enjoy time with your family and friends around a fire. Take a look at these tips for keeping creosote buildup to a minimum.