Repointing your Chimney in Collinsville, IL

When a Collinsville, IL homeowner has a chimney, there isn’t much thought about it, unless something goes wrong. This can be the same for an air conditioning system, or anything other machines in your house. One thing that homeowners may never think

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Wood Burning Fire Place Collinsville IL

Firewood Storage Tip for Collinsville IL

Firewood Storage Collinsville IL Nothing is nicer than curling up in front of the fire on a cold winter night in Collinsville, Illinois. The crackle of firewood is cozy and romantic. To ensure these moments happen, make sure that you know the

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chimney care belleville illinois

Best Tips for Chimney Care in Belleville, IL

Nothing feels better than enjoying your fireplace during the coldest winter nights. In addition to keeping you warm, it usually looks stunningly beautiful. However, if your chimney is not maintained correctly, using your fireplace may not be safe. Without proper chimney care,

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fireplace smells belleville illinois

Reasons Your Belleville Illinois Fireplace Smells

A wood-burning fireplace is an attractive feature in a home that’s designed to provide warmth and beauty. There should never be any bad smells emitting from your fireplace, but there are times when you may notice an unpleasant odor coming from your

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