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Benefits of using a chimney cap for your Edwardsville, IL home

Here’s what you need to know about using chimney caps

Many homeowners in the Edwardsville, IL area love to sit around the fireplace in the wintertime, sipping hot chocolate during the holidays, and spend quality time with friends and family. However, while you may love to sit around the fireplace, you may not realize how much actually goes into maintaining your fireplace. From cleaning and preventing creosote buildup, it’s important to take the best possible care of your fireplace to ensure it lasts as long as you own the home. Many don’t understand the benefits that a chimney cap can bring to their home. With that in mind, here’s a short description of chimney caps and how they can benefit your home!

What is a chimney cap?

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A chimney cap is just that – a cap that sits on top of your chimney. They come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on the size of your chimney, the style of your chimney, and other factors. They are useful components in the maintenance and care of any chimney. While they are, by no means, necessary, many homeowners opt to have them installed because of their many benefits. Read more about such benefits below.

Prevents Buildup of Debris

The chimney sits on top of your home, which makes it especially susceptible to weather events that may blow sticks, leaves, and other debris around your yard. The chimney cap makes it impossible for such items to enter your chimney, which helps in the maintenance and care of your chimney.

Decreases Fire Hazards

Many may not know this. However, it’s possible for burning embers to rise through the chimney and land on the roof, causing a fire. While this isn’t as common as you may think, it’s a possibility, and chimney caps help prevent these hazards.

Downdraft Protection

Downdrafts happen when the wind causes air to be forced down through the chimney, which can blow smoke and ash all over your home. The chimney cap blocks that reversed airflow, which saves you from the problems associated with downdrafts.

Prevents Animals

From raccoons and possums to rodents, there are plenty of things that would love to take refuge inside your warm home this winter. A chimney cap prevents animals from getting down your chimney and into your living room.

Reduces Moisture

Chimney caps help keep much of the moisture in the air out of your home, even when it rains! Rainwater can damage the components of your chimney, including the masonry. Use a chimney cap to reduce the effects of moisture on your chimney.

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