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Firewood Storage Tip for Collinsville IL

Firewood Storage Collinsville IL

Nothing is nicer than curling up in front of the fire on a cold winter night in Collinsville, Illinois. The crackle of firewood is cozy and romantic. To ensure these moments happen, make sure that you know the basics of firewood storage in the winter. Firewood is easy to store but there are a few mistakes you need to avoid.

Split Wood Efficiently

Make sure that you split your wood correctly before stacking it for storage and cut the pieces small enough to fit inside your fireplace, furnace, or stove. Triangular wedges make it easy to stack and present more surface area so that the wood will dry out faster.

Dry Wood Thoroughly

When the wood you use is very dry, it burns longer and stacks better. Store firewood in an open area that has plenty of ventilation. If you can, store fresh firewood in a windy spot that gets plenty of sunlight so that it dries faster. At the same time, you must protect it from snow and rain, which makes it unusable. You can store wood for up to two years before using it.

Your Firewood Storage Area Makes a Difference

Firewood Storage Collinsville IL

Be particular in your choice of firewood storage sites. For convenience, keep the stack close to the house so that you can get to it quickly, even in inclement weather. It’s also easier on your back when you need to bring in a lot of firewood and lowers your risk of slips and falls.

Keep the Wood Off the Ground

The most effective woodpiles are elevated off the ground. Firewood that sits directly on the ground absorbs moisture which can lead to insect infestation. To avoid that, use grates, skids or racks to raise the wood about 3 inches off the ground. This also keeps the air circulation going while your wood is drying and protects it from melting ice and snow.


When you start to stack the firewood, put larger pieces on the bottom to help support the upper layers. Step back and look at the pile to make sure it doesn’t lean as it becomes taller. The last thing you need is a cord of firewood toppling down on you. Keep the pile short enough that you can reach the top without difficulty. If you pack would too tightly, it prevents airflow from keeping the wood dry.

Keep It Clean

Wood burning fire place

Avoid treating firewood with chemicals or insecticides. You could inadvertently increase the combustibility of the wood, which may lead to an uncontrollable fire. Also, some chemicals release toxins when burned. If you have to treat the area around the woodpile, cover the wood to prevent chemicals from coating the firewood. While you’re getting ready for the winter, it’s a good time to schedule chimney service. When the chimneys, vents, and flues are clean, they work more efficiently and decrease potential fire hazards.

Leave Your Firewood Storage Uncovered

For best results, leave the wood uncovered until it dries properly. However, that doesn’t work if it starts to rain or snow. You can place a good cover on top of the woodpile and slant it to shed moisture away from the base. Let the sides of the pile open to provide air circulation and keep the wood dry.

Now that you know how to store firewood this winter, here’s a tip for a great chimney service in Collinsville, Illinois. Contact Clean Sweep Chimney Services Inc. to schedule a thorough inspection, cleaning, or another chimney service.

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