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Common Causes of Chimney Odors in Highland, IL

Highland, IL chimney odor causes

Chimneys provide warmth and cozy feeling for homeowners in Highland, IL. One thing that many homeowners could never expect, however, is their chimney giving off a foul odor in their homes. Chimney odors can be a common occurrence and there are several different reasons why it can happen. Here we want to go into detail […]

Why You Should Get Your Chimney Swept in The Summer in Collinsville, IL

chimney sweep

It’s common to want to get your chimney cleaned after using it a lot through the fall and winter. Some people may not realize why it is a great idea to specifically have your chimney cleaned during the summer. Other people may simply forget to have it cleaned out because they got too busy to […]

Stopping Your Drafty Fireplace in Collinsville IL.

Wood Burning Fire Place

A Drafty Fireplace Fireplaces can be a favorite part of someone’s home. The fireplace is an area in the house that can be the coziest, bring warmth, and tie a room perfectly together. Since the start, fireplaces are used in multiple different ways to heat one’s home. There are even electric fireplaces built into homes […]