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Stopping Your Drafty Fireplace in Collinsville IL.

Wood Burning Fire Place

A Drafty Fireplace

Fireplaces can be a favorite part of someone’s home. The fireplace is an area in the house that can be the coziest, bring warmth, and tie a room perfectly together. Since the start, fireplaces are used in multiple different ways to heat one’s home. There are even electric fireplaces built into homes that let off heat, giving the illusion of having the real deal. However, some homes still have standard wooden fireplaces. With the many pros of owning one, fireplaces can also become a place where heat and air vanish. Since this is the case, here are different ways to reduce that energy loss and prevent your home from having a drafty fireplace.


Using a Chimney Damper

One way that we recommend preventing a draft fireplace is by updating the damper. Commonly, fireplaces come with a throat damper. These are typically found inside of the fireplace and above the firebox. Since they are so close to the fire, the damper is not able to make a seal that is 100%. Installing a top-sealing damper will give you the ease of mind that it is 100% sealed. These will be installed on the top of the chimney, and since the damper is further away from the fire, it is able to have what is called a gasket seal. These are also there to protect the fuel from moisture entering the chimney while the fireplace is used.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inset

Installing a fireplace insert is another way that you can be improving your fireplace. An inset will maximize the heat output of the fireplace. When traditional fireplaces are being used, it sucks more heat out of the house than it will then put out. They are also great for loading the woodstove before you go to bed and being able to wake up in the morning with hot coals. They also give your fireplace a nice, new, remodeled look.


Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

Burning actual firewood is something that most homeowners would much rather pass on. Installing a gas fireplace instead is an excellent option for those people. Gas fireplaces are installed in your standard fireplaces and only require two chimney lines. What is neat about these fireplaces is that they are equipped with a thermostat, so you are still feeling the heat coming from the “fire.” These fireplaces are used to keep a room warm without worrying about the messy work of a typical fireplace. With these, it even comes with a flashing kit to give the insert a nice, natural look.

Wood Pellet Burning Insert

Wanting an output of warning wood but think it’s too much of a hassle of cutting wood? Wood pellets burning fireplace inserts are a great option. Wood Pellets are small pieces of compacted wood that can get hours of burning out of them in one load! These typically burn for up to 40 hours, depending on what your heat setting is.

There are so many options of having fireplaces where draftiness isn’t an issue anymore. Here at Clean Sweep Chimney Service, we are happy to help you make those choices that fit your needs. We promise you a fireplace with our trusted team that you will love that won’t let the cold air in or be too much of a hassle. Fireplaces are meant to be enjoyed, and we hope that is the case for you and your family!