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Fireplace Top Dampers- Put on the Top of Your Collinsville, IL Home’s To-Do List

Chimneys are what connect the inside of your Collinsville, IL home to the outside world, but without a cover, it can lead to different issues. Dampers are the cover you should have on top of your chimney. These are considered to be the most important part of your chimney as they do more than just control the amount of heat you receive. They also help prevent heated air loss through the chimney or downdrafts that can occur when the chimney is not in use. If your damper is broken or improperly sealed, it could end up increasing your heating and cooling costs.

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How Can You Control the Heat Loss?

In order to help cut costs with your fireplace chimney, your chimney damper should work properly. Most chimneys are designed with a throat damper, which is commonly made of cast iron. Throat dampers are not practical as they aren’t able to seal fully due to their mating surfaces. This faulty seal allows for cool air to leak in. However, there is a style of damper that you can get installed that works, a top damper.

Unlike traditional throat dampers, a top damper is installed on the top of the chimney. To properly operate this damper, a cable is installed down the flue to the firebox. When you pull and latch the cable it closes the damper lid onto a rubber gasket. A top damper that is closed all the way is essentially airtight. Unlatching the cable will then allow the spring in the top damper to open. Top dampers are recommended over throat dampers because they have an airtight seal and help keep bees from nesting in your Collinsville, IL homes chimney.

The Top Damper Uses & Styles

There are many different styles and sizes for top dampers, which enables them to fit almost every type of chimney flue. They also can come with or without a screened cap. Without the screened cap, when the damper is closed, pests cannot get in, however, if open there is a slight risk. If you choose the screened-in option, when the damper is open, it will prevent birds and other pests from getting in.

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Top dampers are useful even when you aren’t using your chimney. They are a great way to keep your home cool or warm, depending on if you are using a furnace or air conditioner. When they are closed, they help keep in cool or warm air, which can help reduce energy costs. Also using top dampers can help reduce or even eliminate the smell of soot that can kick back into your Collinsville, IL home on windy days.

If you have any questions about top dampers or are curious as to how they work, give us at Clean Sweep Chimney Service a call! We are here to answer all of your chimney questions and concerns!

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