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How to Solve Fireplace Draft Issues in Your Troy, IL Home!

For centuries, homeowners in the Troy, IL area and across the country have been using fireplaces to heat their homes. Wood is one of the oldest fuel sources used to heat homes. However, in today’s world, people have found alternative ways to heat their homes. This can vary from oil-fired boilers, natural gas furnaces, propane heaters, and even electric baseboard heaters. This shift has occurred due to the extended efficiency of the newer fuels. Fireplaces are now used for more of a decorative or aesthetic purpose versus a heating one.

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A downside to this is that fireplaces have turned into a place where heating and cooling are lost. There are ways that you can reduce this energy loss, however. It is just a matter of what you want to achieve with your fireplace. Some solutions can include adding fireplace inserts or even chimney dampers. These devices will help properly prevent any further draft issues from occurring in your home’s fireplace.

Chimney Damper

One of the easier ways to prevent heating and cooling from leaving via your fireplace is by updating the damper. Most fireplaces in the Troy, IL area have a throat damper. A throat damper is usually found inside the fireplace right above the firebox. Since the damper is placed so close to the fire, it may not be able to make a 100% seal. This is why a lot of people install a top-sealing damper.

Top sealing dampers are installed on the top of the chimney and since the damper is far away from the fire, it can have a gasket seal. A cable runs down the chimney flue and attaches to the mounting bracket on the wall above the damper. This helps lock the damper down to the fireplace. The top damper is also often outfitted with a chimney cap. This helps protect the flue from moisture entering the chimney while the fireplace is being used.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Another way that you can update a fireplace is by installing an insert. An insert is a wood stove that will be installed in the fireplace. The fireplace insert will help maximize the output of heat from the fireplace. When you use a traditional fireplace, it sucks the heat out of the house. Therefore, using a fireplace insert is useful as it keeps it airtight. These inserts also can have blowers attached which help circulate the heat to other rooms in your home.

Gas Burning Fireplace Inserts

fireplace insert

If burning wood is something you are not interested in, then installing a gas fireplace may be a better option. Gas fireplaces are easy to install in traditional fireplaces and only require two chimney liners. The average fireplace has enough for two chimney liners inside of the chimney. These gas fireplaces are also usually equipped with a thermostat. This allows you to set the heat output for the room and walk away. These types of inserts do not use as much heat as the previously mentioned ones do, which means they are used as nice room heaters.

If you have any questions about fireplace inserts or other ways to stop the draft in your Troy, IL home’s fireplace, make sure to contact us at Clean Sweep Chimney Services today!

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