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Cleaning and Maintenance of your Chimney During the Warmer Months

During this cooler time of the year, the best thing to do if you have a cozy fireplace is cranking it up. This helps you enjoy the nice warm feeling and gives you peace of mind. If this is working properly, you know that your chimney is working in great shape. During this time of the year, your Collinsville, IL fireplace is there for you to enjoy, and relax with when the snow is hitting the ground. To make sure that this happens, it is important to keep up with its maintenance during the warmer times of the year when you aren’t using it as often, or at all. To know the best way to care for your fireplace, continue reading on for helpful tips constructed by our very own professionals.

Chimney Cleaning Service

Having Annual Chimney Check-Ups

One thing that you can do for your chimney that makes all of the difference is scheduling a regular check-up. Chimney sweeps often have more openings during the spring-summer, and even into the early fall. However, once the cold starts to hit, and everyone is using their fireplaces, this is when everyone books their appointment to get their own fireplaces checked up. For the safety of the workers, and ease of mind when it comes to making sure that your winter will be spent nice and cozy, set up your check-up during the off times of the year. This will make sure that the workers have the best environment to work in, and it also ensures that when it does get colder outside, you have a working fireplace, no matter how cold it gets.

Removing Flammable Build up from the flue

A build-up in your flue will happen every time that you start a fire. This is called creosote build-up and can be sticky, flakey, and sometimes solid. With any variation, it can be quite flammable. The service that you book with us will make sure to safely remove any of this flammable build-up with proper equipment such as brushes, scrubbers, and vacuums that you may not have lying around in your own closest cabinets. Another thing that could get stuck in your chimney is anything from tree debris or even the nests of small animals. If this is the case and you do start a fire, the blockages can produce deadly carbon monoxide from whatever is stuck.

Have A Chimney Safety Inspection

Fireplace Maintenance

Certified chimney techs will perform high levels of inspections to keep you and your family safe. A basic inspection you should schedule once a year will include this type of examination so that they can go over your chimney to make sure that it is in proper working order. Having this inspection will also make sure that if there are parts of your chimney that are broken or not working to the best ability that they can, these will get taken care of. The last thing that you would want to happen is using your fireplace that first cold night, and it not working, leaving you wondering why that is the case in the first place.

We are already in the colder season of the year, but spring will soon be here. Make sure to make your appointment with our team at Clean Sweep Chimney Services Inc now! This will help ensure that next year’s winter will be a safe, and cozy one.

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