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The Effectiveness and Safety of Creosote Sweeping Logs in Collinsville, IL

We commonly get questions from our customers who wonder if creosote sweeping logs are safe to burn and if they work effectively enough to replace the need for being swept by a professional. Here is what you need to know about these cleaning logs before you burn them in your Collinsville, IL home.


Creosote Sweeping Logs

The purpose of creosote sweeping logs is to remove and decrease creosote that has accumulated in your chimney. These logs are great at handling stage one creosote buildup, but anything more than that it struggles with. These logs are typically safe to use and are recommended to burn every 50 or so fires to help combat light creosote buildup. The light creosote burns into light fly ash that will either fly out or will fall to the chimney base for you to clean up. Depending on how the chimney is designed, however, can sometimes cause ash to build up in the chimney. Make sure to follow all the instructions on how to burn these logs as they can cause issues.

Replacing Chimney Sweeps

creosote sweeping logs

People may believe that simply burning these logs constitutes never needing to have their chimney swept. This assumption, however, is wrong. It is stated by The National Fire Protection Association that chimneys, vents, and fireplaces need to be inspected once a year and cleaned if needed. If you are fine with having regular chimney sweeping and maintenance, then you do not need to use creosote logs. There are ways to simply slow down creosote buildup in your chimney. By being careful to burn wood that does not create such buildup. You can keep your fireplace clean without ever needing to burn any kind of creosote-sweeping logs.

Looking for a chimney cleaning service that can save you the trouble of needing to get useless products? We are here to help! Give our expert team over at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today!

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