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Taking Care of Your Fireplace During National Fireplace Month, Collinsville, IL

October is National Fireplace Month! With fall here and in full swing, it will be the first time since last season that fireplace owners will get to light up their Collinsville, IL fireplace and get their home nice and cozy. It is, as always, important for owners to operate their fireplaces carefully. All types of fireplaces, whether they be gas fireplaces or wood-burning fireplaces, can be dangerous if not properly maintained. Here we will be discussing some important things you need to know to run your fireplace safely.


Wood-Burning Fireplace Safety

Wood-burning fireplaces are one of the most popular kinds of fireplaces as many enjoy the authentic wood scent and crackling sounds, they produce. These types of fireplaces do require your involvement to burn safely. To prevent a large amount of smoke and creosote from building up in your chimney, be sure that the wood you choose to burn is dry and seasoned correctly.

Before you start a fire, make sure you open the flue or damper and only close it once the fire is out and the embers have settled down. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a house full of smoke. Always make sure that you have a screen to keep in any embers. Also never leave a fireplace unattended, especially if you have young children present. Remember to Clean up ash from your firebox after each fire. Also, be sure to have your chimney cleaned every year to prevent creosote build-up which can lead to fires in your chimney.

Safety Tips for Gas Fireplaces


Gas Fireplaces are a lot more convenient and less expensive to maintain to use than wood-burning ones, however, it’s important to remember to run your gas fireplace safely. There needs to be a safety screen on the glass because it can get extremely hot. Having a screen set up on the glass will help prevent the risk of burns if contact with the glass is made. Remember to use caution even when you turn your furnace off as it can still be hot for a time. Also, be sure to keep pets and young children away from the fireplace as all parts of it can get hot. A fireplace can be a fun way of keeping your Collinsville, IL home warm during the Fall.

If you have any more questions about operating your fireplace safely during National Fireplace Month or need assistance with a chimney cleaning in Collinsville, IL, give our professional team over at Clean Sweep Chimney Service a call today!

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