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What is the Best Material for Your Collinsville, IL Home’s Chimney Cap?

Every Collinsville, IL homeowner with a chimney needs to have a chimney cap. Chimney caps come in an assortment of colors, materials, and styles, which can lead to confusion as to which cap is the best for your chimney. We are here to share which type of chimney cover is best for your home’s chimney.


The Best Materials for Chimney Caps

Even though there are many options out there, at Clean Sweep Chimney, we typically install either stainless steel or copper chimney caps. Quality chimney caps are ideal for chimneys in the Midwest, and typically they come with lifetime warranties.

Copper Chimney Caps

Copper chimney caps are durable and long-lasting, especially through the spontaneous weather that we typically get in the Midwest. Instead of rusting like some metals, copper oxidizes. This means that it develops a blue-green layer of patina which adds a classic and European look to any home. This type of cap adds another layer of aesthetically pleasing decoration to the outside of any home.

Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

The most popular type of chimney cap is a stainless steel one. This type of material is strong, long-lasting, and gives your chimney a shiny and polished look, even over time. This cap does not rust, which prevents any rusting issues from staining your roof or chimney. Since stainless steel chimney caps are a very popular option, there are a variety of shapes and sizes available. This will make it easier to find one that is the perfect fit for your chimney.

If you are looking to install or replace a chimney cap, we strongly suggest calling a professional in order to help you select one that is the proper size for your home’s chimney. Also, having a professional do the installation process guarantees that it will go off seamlessly. If the cap is not properly installed, then it is virtually useless.

Why Do You Need a Chimney Cap?

Chimney Cap

There are a variety of benefits to having a chimney cap on your home’s chimney. The first is that having a cap will reduce the amount of water that enters your chimney and into your home. They also tend to keep animals from nesting in your chimney. This Is a huge benefit because when animals nest in there, this can cause an obstruction, which eventually can lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Also, chimney caps can act as spark arrestors on your roof, preventing any sparks that are leaving your chimney from falling onto your roof or a nearby tree. Preventing any possible fires that can occur from the sparks.

If you are looking for a team of professionals to install a new chimney cap on your Collinsville, IL home, our team at Clean Sweep Chimney Service is the one for you. Make sure to give us a call today to learn more information.

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