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The Causes of Efflorescence on Your Collinsville, IL Chimney


With fall here, it is likely that you will be using your chimney more often. You may notice the bricks on your chimney have been turning white lately. This whiting effect on the bricks is called “efflorescence”. The presence of efflorescence on your Collinsville, IL chimney can be a sign of large issues when there are large amounts of it. If you spot these stains on your chimney, it is best to call a professional who can inspect your chimney. Here we will be discussing more about efflorescence, why it occurs, what issues it indicates, and how you should handle this situation.

Causes of Efflorescence Stains

Efflorescence is a powdery white substance that sticks to the bricks of chimneys, causing an unappealing-looking discoloration. This substance is formed whenever water passes through the bricks of your chimney on its surface. Whenever the water evaporates, it leaves behind a crystal-like mineral substance that stains the bricks. This is not a favorable thing to happen as it is not visually appealing. This can show signs there are problems with your chimney.

Why It Is an Issue

Having a small amount of efflorescence stain your chimney is nothing to be too worried about. When you have a large build-up it is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your chimney. If it’s apparent that your chimney is having a problem keeping out moisture. This can be caused by things such as cracks in the bricks from poor construction or age, not being properly sealed, a missing or damaged chimney cap, or more. When you notice efflorescence building up on your chimney, call a professional chimney cleaning and repair service.

The Actions You Should Take

Chimney Cleaning

Given how many different causes there are for efflorescence stains on your chimney, it is best to contact a professional chimney service to inspect your chimney in Collinsville, IL. They will be able to help determine the root cause for the efflorescence build-up and take action to stop it. There are several different ways they might go about solving your problem. This includes rebuilding parts of the chimney, replacing missing bricks, fixing/replacing your chimney cap, re-sealing your chimney, and more.

If you are looking for a reputable and experienced chimney cleaning and repair service that can help you get efflorescence off your chimney in Collinsville, IL, give our expert team over at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today!

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