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Common Problems Your Chimney May Encounter During the Winter in Collinsville, IL

Fireplace Cleaning

The cold winters in Collinsville, IL can do a number on chimneys. With snow, rain, and freezing temperatures that will last for a couple of months, it is important to know what kind of problems can arise from your chimney during this time of year. Here we will be discussing what problems to look out for with your chimney during the winter.

Cold Air Through Fireplace

During the winter, one problem you may notice is that your chimney is blowing out cold air. You may notice this and be very confused, “Isn’t my fireplace supposed to keep me warm?”. This issue commonly occurs when the damper is not working as it should. Dampers are designed to close tightly to prevent air from entering your chimney. If you haven’t had your chimney cleaned in a while, it can cause your damper to not work as it should. Rust can also prevent your damper from being closed as well. It is best to have this issue looked at as soon as you can as the cold air entering your home can increase your energy bills.

Chimney Water Leaks and Damages

The constant freeze-thaw cycle of the winter can cause issues for your chimney. The bricks and mortar have pores that will absorb precipitation over time. It can be an issue during the winter as the constant freezing and thawing can expand those pores, which over time can cause structural damage to the bricks themselves. Once it warms up you may notice leaks in your home near the location of your chimney. If you notice this, you should have your it looked at right away to prevent further water damage in your home and damage to your chimney.

Pest Intrusions Through the Chimney

While it’s possible for pests to get into your home at any time of the year, during the winter most pests will be looking for a warm place to hide out. For this reason, it is recommended you get a chimney cap to help keep those critters out. If you are seeing any pests in your fireplace, contact a professional to have them removed.

Smoke Transfer

Chimney Repair

If you see or smell smoke in your home when there is not a fire going, it could be caused by gaps in the flue. When smoke seeps through the tiles, it can cause smoke to float out into your home. This can be nauseating to deal with and can be dangerous since sparks can also transfer and ignite any nearby combustibles. If you ever notice this issue, contact a professional right away.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service in Collinsville, IL who can assist you with your chimney issues during the winter, call our experienced team over at Clean Sweep Chimney Service a call today!