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Guaranteeing Your Fireplace Works Efficiently in Your Collinsville, IL Home

Collinsville, IL proper fireplace maintenance and safety

If you have a traditional fireplace in your Collinsville, IL home, you may be thinking about some ways that you can get the most out of it. Having a traditional fireplace in your home can contribute to heat loss in your home which can end up costing you extra money on your heating bills. Here we want to go into detail on some ways you can ensure your fireplace is efficient in your home.

Having Your Chimney Serviced Regularly

One of the most important ways you can ensure that your fireplace is working efficiently is to have your chimney regularly serviced by local chimney professionals in Collinsville, IL. Having your chimney serviced ensures that smoke and ash are being vented out of your fireplace properly. It is also good to have your chimney inspected for creosote build-up, which should be cleaned out and removed in order to reduce the risk of a fire. Having your chimney serviced regularly ensures that it will not have severe problems down the road.

Only Burn Wood In Fireplace

It cannot go left unsaid that the only thing you should be burning is wood. If you burn other things in your home’s fireplace, it can release toxic chemicals into your home. It is better to go get more wood for your fireplace than to try to burn some cardboard or other material in it. Wood is dependable and easy to get ahold of and it burns better than anything else. For the safety of you and the ones you live with, only burn wood in your fireplace.

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Keep The Damper Closed

Make sure that when you are not using your fireplace your damper is closed. Your damper is what helps control the amount of air flowing from your chimney into your home. If you leave your damper open when you’re not using it, it will let in cold air which can have an adverse effect on your heating bills. In order to ensure that your home is properly heated, and you are not having to spend extra money on your heating bills, keep your hamper closed when you are not using it.

If you have any more questions on how you can ensure your fireplace is running efficiently or need to have your chimney serviced, give our team of professionals over at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today! Our services will keep yours running for years to come.

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