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Picking The Right Chimney Cap Material For Your Belleville, IL Home

Picking the right chimney cap Belleville, IL

One of the most important parts of the chimney of your Belleville, IL home is the chimney cap. It is the seal that weatherproofs your chimney, and it also prevents debris and animals from getting inside your chimney. The chimney cap can be made of several different materials, all with their own pros and cons. Here we want to go into detail on some common chimney cap materials to help you decide on which kind you should get.

Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

One material that chimney caps can be made of is stainless steel. Chimney caps made with this material are a great investment and they last a long time. They hold their shine well and won’t rust or change color over time. It is also very easy to clean them off and service them when needed. Getting a stainless steel chimney cap will ensure your Belleville, IL home’s chimney is protected for many years.

Aluminum Chimney Caps

A material that is used less often for chimney caps is aluminum. Getting an aluminum cap can be less expensive than getting a chimney cap made of any other material. These caps do tend to corrode a lot quicker, and they need to be repaired or replaced more often. While it may be cheaper to get an aluminum cap, it can end up costing you more down the road to have to keep getting it serviced and replaced with a new one.

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Copper Chimney Caps

Another material often used for chimney caps is copper. Copper caps are also durable and can survive long. Copper also makes for an effective measure against prescription. Copper will also not rust or corrode over the course of time. They do, however, oxidize, a process that will cause them to have a blue-green layer of patina. This may turn some homeowners away while others find the oxidation charming. If you are the kind of homeowner who enjoys European-style homes, you will like having a copper chimney cap.

Having an uncapped chimney can lead to problems down the road. Make sure that if your chimney does not have a cap you look into getting a new one installed or if you have an older one, have it serviced. If you are looking at getting a new chimney cap installed for your Belleville, IL home’s chimney, give our team of professionals over at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today!

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