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Dryer Vent Safety Tips in Highland, IL

While being a helpful part of any home in Highland, IL, dryers can pose a fire hazard if not properly maintained.  Thousands of dryer fires happen in the United States alone each year. The most common reason these fires occur is from the dryer vent ductwork becoming too dirty and not being cleaned. The dryer vent is highly flammable, and lint can be easily ignited if not cleaned out of it. Here we want to provide you with more tips on how to take care of your dryer vent and prevent fires from it.

Cleaning Out The Lint Trap

Cleaning Out The Lint Trap

One of the most important you have to do to prevent dryer fires from occurring in your Highland IL home is to clean out the lint trap of your dryer. Your lint trap catches lint and other debris in your dyer. It is good practice to clean out the lint trap every time you are about to run your dryer. You should also wipe down the inside of your dryer every so often to get out any lint the lint trap failed to catch. It is also important to remember to never run your dryer without the lint trap as all that lint will start to build up in the dryer vent.

Do Not Run the Dryer While Not at Home

If you are planning on leaving the house but have clothes to dry, it is safer to either not leave yet until you run your clothes in the dryer or put them in the dryer later once you return. If there is a problem with your dryer that causes problems such as a fire, you want to be there to stop it. Being present while your dyer is running will ensure that if something goes wrong, you can be there at the right moment to hopefully fix the problem. Just like you would never leave your oven running unattended, do not leave your dryer running while you are not home.

Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Out

Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Out

It cannot be understated how important it is to have your dryer vent cleaned out regularly. Even if you take good care of your lint trap, lint can still build up in your dryer vent over time and it will need to be cleaned out to prevent a fire. Having a dirty dryer vent also lowers the life span of your dryer, makes it have to work harder to dry your clothes, and can cause damage to your clothes. Contact local professionals who can clean out your dryer vent for you.

If you live in Highland, IL and are looking for a company that can clean out your dryer vent, call our team of professionals at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today!

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