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Why Your Chimney Needs To Be Waterproof in Edwardsville, IL

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From time to time, Edwardsville, IL will have rainstorms come in. Homeowners may not be aware of this but if their chimneys are not waterproofed, your roof and stack can experience a significant amount of water damage. Repairing water damage like that can take time and be expensive. If we have not convinced you to get your chimney waterproofed yet, we want to explain some other reasons why you need to and why it is so important.

Why Your Bricks Need To Be Waterproof

Many homeowners living around the Edwardsville, IL area make the mistake of believing that the bricks of their chimney need to breathe. In truth, bricks are a very porous material that gives water plenty of entryways if the bricks are not waterproofed. Once your bricks have a build-up of water inside of them, it will cause them to crumble up. Don’t let the bricks of your chimney be damaged by the rain. Have your bricks waterproof to prevent them from being damaged.

Your Chimney Cap Is Not Enough

Another misconception homeowners make is believing that their chimney cap is the only thing they will need to ensure their chimney is safe from water damage. While your chimney cap does a great job at keeping moisture and other things out of your chimney, it will not be able to protect the rest of your chimney’s body. Not only should you have a chimney cap to protect your chimney from water damage, but you also need to waterproof the rest of the chimney.

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Waterproof Your Chimney Now

It cannot be understated how important it is to have your chimney waterproofed. Even if you have never experienced any issues with water damage to your chimney, it does not mean you could experience problems in the future. It is a better investment to have your chimney waterproofed now than having to pay for the repairs to your chimney or your roof in the future. Have your chimney regularly serviced by your local chimney professionals and have it serviced to protect it from water damage?

Not having your chimney waterproof leaves, it and the rest of your roof vulnerable to water damage. Don’t leave your chimney unprepared to handle the rain.  If you live in Edwardsville, IL, and are looking for a company that can waterproof your chimney, give our team of professionals over at Clean Sweep Chimney Services a call today!

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