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Common Causes of Chimney Odors in Highland, IL

chimney odors Highland, IL

Chimneys provide warmth and cozy feeling for homeowners in Highland, IL. One thing that many homeowners could never expect, however, is their chimneys giving off a foul odor in their homes. Chimney odors can be a common occurrence and there are several different reasons why it can happen. Here we want to go into detail on some of the common causes of chimney odors and what you should do.

Moisture in Chimney

If there is moisture present in the chimney of your Highland, IL home, or your chimney has suffered water damage, it can give off a musty, mildew odor. Water can make its way into your chimney through a rusted damper or a damaged or missing chimney cap. You will notice the mildew smell coming straight from your fireplace with it being most strong right as you are going to light the fire. This moisture can cause the lining in your chimney to deteriorate, and it will likely need to be replaced quickly.

Buildup of Creosote

One of the most common reasons why your chimney could be giving off odors is from it having a buildup of creosote. Creosote and soot will naturally build up in your chimney as you use your fireplace often, but it is important to have your chimney cleaned out by professionals regularly to ensure that the creosote does not build up too much. Not only can a creosote buildup cause a foul odor, but it also poses a fire hazard. Make sure you have your chimney serviced by professionals regularly so it can have its creosote buildup cleaned out.

chimney cleaning services to prevent odors Highland, IL

Animals in Chimney

If there are dead or living animals in your chimney, it will give off an awful smell in your home. It is important to get a chimney cap for your chimney, that way birds and other animals will stay out of the inside of your chimney and will not get trapped inside of it as a result. If you have living animals inside your chimney, you may be able to hear them trying to escape. If you have any animals in your chimney, contact your local chimney professionals right away so they can assist you with removing them.

If you live in Highland, IL and your chimney has been giving off a foul odor, contact your local professionals. Our team at Clean Sweep Chimney Services can assist you with all of your chimney needs.

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